Chaos & the Kingdom

by Nathanael Vissia & Michael T. Bush

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Since we wrote a book, one might think that we’d be really excited to describe it. And though we are excited about it, we thought we’d offer a thorough preview, instead, so that you can determine if this is a resource that would work for you, your church, a small study group, book club, etc.

One thing that we like about the structure of the book is how each chapter introduces concepts that build upon concepts from previous chapters. But we chose Chapter 4: Walking on Water as a preview chapter because we think it is the least affected chapter by this approach and is therefore the best “stand-alone” chapter. We chose the Introduction because it helps explain the title, the reasons for why we wrote the book, as well as why there are two “voices” throughout the book. We think these chapters will give you a clear indication of the type of writing and content you can expect throughout Chaos & the Kingdom.

To begin, click the arrow above the “book” to turn the page. To open Chapter 4, click the green title and it will load in place of the Introduction. Enjoy!    

The Introduction

Chapter 4: Walking on Water

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